About Denise

Denise Oliver is a Toronto based animation voice actor, director and coach for kids.  She has lent her voice to numerous animated characters such as "Mom/Mrs Comet" (Dot), "Mama Muzzywump" (Esme & Roy), "Maurecia" (Wayside), "Yu Tendo" (Beyblade), "Citrine" (Mysticons), and many more.  She started acting and singing at a very young age...in her living room...and fell in love with performing.  She studied theatre at university then got her start in children's television as an on-air host when Treehouse TV was born.  During her time at Treehouse, her character, "Rosabelle", was often called upon to voice the show promos and that's when Denise was first introduced to voice overs.  She felt so at home in the booth that she stayed there and hasn't looked back.  She's an experienced voice over director, producer and mother of 2 young talented voice actors.  With all this under her belt, she now directs various animated series and offers voice over workshops for kids as well as private coaching.

 (Check out the DEMO page to see some of her work.)