Denise Oliver is an exceptional voice talent.  She is very versatile with an  impressive vocal range and excellent comedic skills.  She brings professionalism , skill , experience and good humour to each and every role.

I have had the pleasure of working with Denise on several animated series where her talents have been a substantial contribution to the shows. I have witnessed her exceptional abilities as a mentor for young talent.  She understands  the many aspects of this business and has the ability to intuitively understand what the young talent need to hear and understand in order to do their best.  

Merle Anne Ridley

Voice Director - Sidekick, Grojband, Total Drama...

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Denise Oliver is an amazing voice director, especially with children and those new to the industry. Her clear, calm direction puts actors at ease and her warmth and positive energy bring out the best in all performances. She is also a true professional with producers and the studio. With Denise, you know you are going to get things done in the very best way. As a voice actor herself, she understands all aspects of the production.  She is an immense talent and a ray of sunshine in the booth. She brings joy to every project. I always think of Denise for characters that require quirkiness and humour and she always delivers.  I highly recommend Denise.

Michelle Melanson

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Denise Oliver is one of the most talented voice actors I know. Her characters are always well developed and not just a cute voice with no substance. She is an actor who creates a “voice character” and places that character in a situation where she always looks for the warmth and humour first and foremost. She is a truly unique talent who excels in the world of cartoons and it has been my pleasure to work with her on three different series, most recently as Mama Muzzywump on Sesame Workshop/Nelvana’s Esme and Roy.

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I had the pleasure of working with Denise on a project for CBC and Parks Canada.  Denise produced a pre-school series of shorts, on which I was the Supervising Producer.  She is a delight to work with, has a great sense of humour, is a consummate professional, always eager to learn and able to adapt to the vagaries of a production schedule.
Denise also voice directed the young actor who narrated the series. This project was the actor's first voice over job, and Denise directed her with great patience, clarity and understanding, while also training her in mic techniques.  Most importantly, Denise created a fun working atmosphere, which is particularly essential for young actors.  The result was an excellent narration, that our producing partners were delighted with, and a very positive experience for the talent.
I would work with Denise on any project, any time

Jain Dickson

Producer - "Bubble Guppies" - Jam Filled

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My two daughters took Denise's voice workshop this past April and LOVED it. One of my girls is quite shy, and the other is known to completely take over every room she enters. Somehow Denise managed to keep them focussed and get amazing work from both of them while keeping it really fun. FULL PROPS!

Terry McGurrin

Supportive father and fellow voice actor, writer and comedian

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My daughter Indi took the beginner workshop as she is fascinated by voice work and loved it so much. She felt comfortable and relaxed and was able to really follow direction and learn while having a ton of fun despite being nervous initially. Denise is so enormously talented and so professional but she's also a mom so she knows kids and teens and she is amazing at teaching. My daughter came out bursting with excitement and really feeling like she had learned so much - she is very excited for Level 2! Thank you Denise

Julie Lawrence

Supportive mother of aspiring voice actor: Indi

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My daughter Zoë loved the workshop with Denise! She learned new skills and enjoyed the opportunity to work and learn in the professional studio space. Both my daughter and I appreciated Denise’s follow up and feedback after the workshop as well. Truly an excellent experience and my daughter looks forward to working with Denise again! Zoë says it was ‘ah-mazing’!

Megan Alfano

Supportive mother of film, tv, stage & voice actor: Zoë Brown

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Many thanks to Denise! My 7 year old daughter likes this workshop very much, and she wants to attend another one in the future if there is any. 

Sophie Feng

Supportive mother of an aspiring voice actress

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Denise is amazing!  She makes everything more fun! I think that if you are brand new to voice over or have been in it a long time, you will learn SO much from this amazing actress!  I sure have!

Lilly Bartlam

Voice, Television, Film & Stage Actor

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I can't say enough good things about Denise.  She is UBER talented and Lilly has learned so much about the art of voice over from her "Dot" Mom!  She has coached my daughters for other projects and they just love the way she teaches/coaches.  She is the best!

Lara Bartlam

Supportive mother of film, TV and voice actresses: Anna & Lilly Bartlam

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Denise was the ADR and voice director on "Playdate", a show our son Aidan was in. ADR can be really monotonous for an 8 year old boy but Denise managed to make it fun and entertaining for Aidan and to get the best out of him.  Denise understands the challenges that children can face doing voice work and really helped my son do it well.  She was awesome to work with and two years later, Aidan still talks about how nice it was working with her.

Andrea Wojtak

Supportive mother of film, tv & voice actor: Aidan Wojtak-Hissong

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