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Denise Oliver is a Toronto-based animation casting & voice directorvoice actor, and voice acting coach for young, new or seasoned voice actors.  

She's an experienced voice acting coach who's primary focus has been supporting kids and their families. She is also the casting and voice director of various animated series. When time permits, Denise offers animation voice acting workshops and private coaching - with a focus on supporting child actors and their families.

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Offering private:

-Audition self-tape coaching

-Self-tape feedback consultations

-Record prep coaching

(Only offered VIRTUALLY)




Registration now closed.

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Denise Oliver is an amazing voice director, especially with children and those new to the industry. Her clear, calm direction puts actors at ease and her warmth and positive energy bring out the best in all performances. She is also a true professional with producers and the studio. With Denise, you know you are going to get things done in the very best way. As a voice actor herself, she understands all aspects of the production.  She is an immense talent and a ray of sunshine. She brings joy to every project.

I highly recommend Denise Oliver.

Michelle Melanson, President Of Headspinner Productions

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