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Character: Maurecia

Show: Wayside

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Mama Muzzywump_Esme & Roy_edited.jpg

Character: Mama Muzzywump

Show: Esme & Roy

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Character: Mom

Show: Dot

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Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 6.52.05 PM.png

Character: Yu Tendo

Show: Beyblade

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Sue Donym_Inspector Gadget_edited.jpg

Character: Sue Donym

Show: Inspector Gadget

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Princess Perky_Arthur_edited.jpg

Character: Princess Perky

Show: Arthur

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Ice Queen_True & The Rainbow Kingdom_edited.jpg

Character: Ice Queen

Show: True And The Rainbow Kingdom

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Hazel the Squirrel_edited.jpg

Character: Hazel

Show: My Friend Rabbit

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Character: Patty

Show: Fangbone

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Voice Acting


Denise Oliver is a Toronto-based animation voice directorvoice actorand voice acting coach for kids.  She's currently the voice of Gatita (the cat) & Liz Fuentes (Rosie's Mom), two characters on the new PBS series: "Rosie's Rules". She has lent her voice to numerous animated characters such as "Mom/Mrs Comet" (Dot),  "Maurecia" (Wayside), "Yu Tendo" (Beyblade) and many more. (Scroll down for a selection of samples)

She's an experienced voice acting coach for kids and directs various animated series. When time permits, Denise offers courses, workshops as well as private coaching for kids & adults.


But how did she come to the wonderful world of children's television you ask? After graduating from her university theatre program in Moncton, NB, Denise moved to Toronto where she landed her first major role in children's television as an on-air host on the then newly launched preschool network, Treehouse TV.  Her rosy-cheeked character, "Rosabelle", opened many doors to her including that of a recording booth.  Once Denise stepped into the booth, she basically refused to come back out.  So here we are, a "few" years later and the world of animation is where Denise's heart lives. 

Click here to watch episodes of Rosie's Rules!


Denise is an experienced voice director who has proudly worked on various award winning series for Headspinner Productions, Fresh TV, Spin Master Entertainment, Sinking Ship Entertainment, CBC Kids and more.  She has a passion for building spirits, skills and confidence in new and seasoned voice actors all while serving the production's needs. Her collaborative nature and professionalism help to create a productive work environment that is both fun and efficient. 

View her voice directing highlights below!

Voice Directing
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