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Talent Pool


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*Join Denise's Talent Pool
(Ages 5 and up)

*AGENTS: Please feel free to share with your talent.
*ACTORS: If you are known to Denise but she hasn't heard you in a while, your submission is most welcome.

Submitting a self-tape audition to Denise's Talent Pool could lead to potential acting opportunities for you or your young voice actors. Please note that Denise is not an agent but on occasion will refer to this talent pool when casting opportunities present themselves. Be sure to let us know if there's something  about you that makes you unique! 


Joining the talent pool does not guarantee an audition or role.


We encourage aspiring voice actors of all ages, genders, races and abilities to join Denise's Talent Pool.



The "Talent Pool" submission period has now ended. Please be sure to join the mailing list to be notified when it will be offered again.

Thank you to all those who submitted their audition packages to the "Talent Pool". It's always a pleasure to witness the courage as well as evolution of an actor's journey in developing their skills.  Keep learning and improving so that when opportunity strikes, you'll be ready.

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